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Not all car washes are equal… we’re proud to offer the highest quality TOUCHLESS laser car wash modern technology can provide. Unlike most other car washes that use physical sponges and scrubbers to clean your car (which are prone to create scratches and other damage to your vehicle), the ONLY thing that will ever touch your car at our wash is soap, water, & wax… three things that work together to provide you with a sparkling clean finish and a protective shield that will ensure the long term health of your car’s appearance.

On top of this, the Blue Ridge Laser Wash uses the highest quality of soaps and safe chemicals that are great for both your car AND the environment.

At the end of the day, we’ve created a car wash experience that we are extremely proud of that has served tens of thousands of happy customers in the Asheville area. We’d love for you to become a member and save even more on high quality car washes all year round!

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